The Arcana Chronicles
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• 8/29/2016

Finished Arcana Rising and I want more!

What do you think is happening to Evie? Do you think Paul is lying? Is everything not as it seems like her grandma was raving?

I finished this book a couple days ago and usually find another one to jump into. But this one is sticking to me and I keep reading the last chapters over and over. I can't let go!

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• 9/6/2016

Personally, I think Paul is a minor Arcana (just like Evie's grandmother), and I think they've conspired against the Major Arcana to end this game as quickly as possible. Maybe he's a sword?... And, yes I believe there was more to her aging, seemingly demented Grandmother than revealed (she was a Tarasova afterall, she saw far).  

• 10/10/2016

I'm shamed to say I've retread all the books over trying to get clues and piece things together. I think Paul is definitely a Minor Arcana. I thought maybe a cup. I went on this site called and the say the cups are usually described as mid twenties, blue , eyes and dark hair which the book made it a point to say this. I think Gran was possibly a Minor as well. I wonder if giving Evie afake shot or telling her she was protected as soon as she took it was all part of setting the balls in motion. Being pregnant for Death definitely protects her. She also made a big deal about the count cards saying they're bad and they're not bad cards . They're just emotionally driven cards. Which when you want to take people out you shouldn't be emotional. I would love to get some thoughts if we think Aric is true hearted, what is the Fools alterior motive, who will be her endgame? This lady, KC loves twisting things up so I'm completely stumped as to who gets Evie.

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