Evie Arcana

Our Lady of Thorns

The Empress (III) is the third Major Arcana card in the Tarot decks. Evangeline Greene is the current Empress Arcana.


  • Our Lady of Thorns
  • The Poison Princess
  • Phyta
  • The May Queen
  • The Queen of Thorns
  • Mistress of Flora
  • Lady Lotus
  • The Red Witch


  • A woman sitting upon a throne with her arms open wide, wearing a poppy-red gown and a crown with twelve stars; her hair is strewn with poppies, vines, and strands of red.
  • White roses surround her throne, and the rolling hills behind her are awash in green and red— from both crops and blood.


  • "Come, touch ... but you'll pay a price."


  • Can create, shape, and control plants and trees
  • Can deliver poisons through her claws and lips, and spores from her hair and hands
  • Chlorokinetic scrying (can perceive through plants)
  • Regeneration

Special Skills Edit

  • Mesmerizing


  • White Rose

Unique CharacteristicsEdit

  • Hair turns red, and fingernails morph into thorn claws.
  • Glyphs on her skin glow from green to gold, each one representing a weapon in her arsenal.