Finn Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Finneas
Also known as: Finn
Master of Illusions
The Trickster
Age: 16
Status: Deceased
Card: The Magician, Master of Illusions
Significant other: Lark Inukai
Family: Unnamed Parents
Buck (cousin)
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Finneas "Finn" was the Magician Arcana known as the Master of Illusions.

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Early lifeEdit

Poison PrincessEdit

Finn, is an ally of Evie who enjoys playing tricks and liked Lark before she betrayed them. Finn is described as "girl crazy", and tried to hook up with Selena.

Endless KnightEdit

Dead of WinterEdit

Day ZeroEdit

The Magician, Master of Illusions, Finn is described on Day Zero as staying at his brother's house and thinking about his old life in California. He's has the opportunity to sleep with his brother's girlfriend, who keeps flirting with him, but ultimately can't and begins to cry due to old memories. She leaves him alone in the basement, and because he stays down there he is safe when the Flash begins.


Finn is killed by Paul; The Hanged Man, and inactivated card. Paul, the on site medic, was the inactivated Arcana, the Hanged Man. No one inside the castle knew. So Paul poisoned Finn to activate his powers. Finn, beforehand, was also distrustful of Paul, and though he offered him his medical services Finn declined. Finn was also immune to his manipulation powers. Evie attempted to save Finn by digging her claws into him and injecting him with something to make him vomit what Paul had poisoned him with. When it doesn't work Aric attempts CPR but is also unsuccessful and declares Finn dead.

AppearancesPoison Princess (first appearance)Edit


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