Matthew Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Matthew
Also known as: Gamekeeper of Old
The Hand of Fate
Il Matto
Age: 16
Status: Alive
Card: The Fool, Gamekeeper of Old
Family: Unnamed Mother †
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Matthew is the Fool Arcana known as Gamekeeper of Old.

Physical descriptionEdit

Matthew is tall but lanky with mousy brown hair and distant eyes. However, he is deceptively strong.


He often speaks what seems like nonsense to others and does not reveal anything more than he wants to.


Early lifeEdit

Matthew was the first of the Cards to reveal himself to Evie, in the two weeks prior to the Flash (and possibly the spring before when she was first sent away to a mental hospital in Georgia) he sent her visions of what was to come. (I.e. The Flash, Bagmen, and all of those fun things)

Poison PrincessEdit

His mother traps him and tries to drown him after killing herself; Evie sees this through his mind, and Jack and Selena free him and establish an alliance with him. The entire books he asks Evie, "Empress is my friend?" in a sad tone.

Endless KnightEdit

Though separated, Evie remains in contact with him mentally. During this time, it comes out that Matthew withheld information - like that Jack had killed her mother. Evie is upset with him, to which he replies "Matthew knows best."

Dead of WinterEdit

Matthew declares that Aric, Jack, and Evie must all go to rescue Selena, or Evie will die. Afterwards, he leaves on his own for unknown reasons. Although he had fallen ill before they left. Aric revealed that being around so many Arcana at once hurt him in some way.

Day ZeroEdit

The Fool, Gamekeeper of Old, Matthew's character page is mostly blacked out, with only cryptic phrases left on his page.

Arcana RisingEdit

Evie is mad at Matthew, believing he betrayed her. The entire Arcana is shut off from hearing each others calls. Meanwhile, Matthew saves Jack from slave traders while also saving his life more than once. Mathew reveals a cryptic message to Jack that implied he could either operate the switchboard or be strong. Plus, the Emperor could find Evie if it was on. Readers get to see Matthew use his powers in amazing ways. It is unclear what Matthew's motivations are, but it is clear Matthew is not a Fool to be reckoned with.



  • Mathew betrayed the Empress in the first game. In the next, he vowed never to again. The Empress is Mathew's only friend by his choice.
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