Biographical Information
Name: Melissa Warren
Also known as: Mel
Age: 16-17
Status: Deceased
Family: Mr. Warren (father) †
Mrs. Warren (mother) †
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Auburn

Melissa "Mel" Warren was Evie's best friend that died during the Flash.

Physical descriptionEdit

Melissa was five foot, eleven inches tall and had auburn hair.


She is described as a hyperactive wild child, that is never embarrassed and doesn't know shame.


Early lifeEdit

Melissa was Evie's best friend of 10 years. They met in Kindergarten when Mel beat up a boy that was bullying Evie.

She was a cheerleader at Sterling High Cheerleader with Evie, Grace Anne and Catherine Ashley. Her mother was the High School Guidance Councilor, due to the fact that Mel's father paid for the new school library.

Evie and Mel had a ritual of watching America's Next Top Model every week.

She had a crush on Spencer Stephens III. Over the summer she spent her time modeling in Paris.

Poison PrincessEdit

Melissa died driving home during The Flash.

Skills and abilitiesEdit



  • She drove a metallic blue beamer.
  • She was a terrible singer.