Spite Arcana
Biographical Information
Name: Unknown
Also known as: Spite
She Who Harrows
Age: 16
Status: Deceased
Card: The Fury, She Who Harrows
Family: Unnamed Parents †
Febe (sister) †
Physical Description
Gender: Female

Spite was the Fury Arcana known as She Who Harrows. She was killed by Aric.

Physical descriptionEdit



Day ZeroEdit

During day zero she sprouted claws and wings and became a type of fury/demon creature. When the solar flares began she was able to protect herself my cocooning her body in her wings. When that was over she emerged to find the catastrophic aftermath around her, she went home to see if her sister was still alive. She found her, but when she opened her mouth she accidentally spit out acid and melted her sister's face off, presumably killing her in the process.

Endless KnightEdit

She was killed by Aric.

Arcana RisingEdit

It is mentioned that Aric fought with Spite -described as a fanged demoness with batlike wings and the ability to spit acid- but she was unable to use her acid powers against him. Evie presumes that Sol had his bagmen bite her to neutralize her powers.